How do you craft your transition into Product Management when you’re not a software engineer, a designer, or already working at a tech startup?
Short answer: there is no clear cut path.

Aspiring PMs often get stuck after starting their research because the gap between where they are now and where they want to be can be overwhelming. So when your dream seems unattainable and you don’t have anyone to model your journey after, what do you do?

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Craft Your Brand. Tell Your Story.

Thousands of people want to be a PM. How will you stand out?

I help my clients establish their story and position themselves most effectively in the market such that they stand out.


No more “Thank you for your applying” emails.

Anyone can search PM jobs online and hit apply. How many hear back?

I focus on concrete strategies and tactics to help my clients get noticed by companies and land interviews. I also offer interview prep to help maximize their chances when they find themselves in front of their prospective boss.


Don’t settle. Get the salary you deserve.

Do you know how much your skills are worth?

I help my clients navigate negotiations and I help them advocate for their skills and experiences to get the compensation they deserve.


Kill it in your first 90 days!

Engineering, design, sales, support, marketing, users, metrics, competition, strategy, etc. How will you manage them all and the ambiguity as a PM?

I use my first hand experience (success & failures!) to help PMs flesh out their 90 day plan, overcome challenges, and keep them focused on their goals. I help them build foundational habits to find continued success throughout the journey.


Accelerate your learning.

The PM role is vast and figuring out where to focus your learning can be challenging. Especially when you’ve got limited to none PM guidance at work.

I help my clients unleash their potential and make their PM career a success by implementing a structured learning plan based on the goals they set for themselves and the challenges they face.

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Hi, I’m Prachy.

Like most PMs, my path into Product wasn’t straightforward. I started out studying Mechanical Engineering (with just one course on coding) and realized that it wasn’t for me.

After completing my degree, I pursued my passion for technology and problem solving and joined a tech consulting firm. That’s where I discovered Product Management.

I wasn’t a clear sell right away but I taught myself how to position my experiences and strengths and landed a PM job at Canada’s largest telecom company. There, I launched TV products across Canada for millions of users and implemented best practices for the Product team.

But I wanted more. So I joined a Series A FinTech startup and became their sole Product Manager for a B2B product; we eventually ended up securing customers such as Wells Fargo, Royal Bank of Canada, Deutche Bank, and many other top banks around the world.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Product Manager for an EdTech startup that doubles as a social enterprise.

Find me on LinkedIn.

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“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” – David Kolb, Founder of Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.


I combine the Experiential Learning model with principles of Product Management to focus on experimenting with small changes/improvements, reflecting on the outcomes, and iterating to get the desired results. However, coaching is highly personal and therefore, each coaching session is tailored to the individual and is designed to do the following:

break down challenges and find their root causes

discover new strategies, tactics, and mental models to overcome challenges

learn from my own past experiences in startups and large companies

design solutions and action plans for execution


We do this via two 1-hour calls per month with unlimited email/messaging in between.

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Get in touch with me to book your 30-minute free consultation to establish your coaching needs. This provides an opportunity for both you and I to determine ‘fit’ and explore the coaching process.